WordPress Malware Removal Service

Rest easy knowing your website is in safe hands. We specialize in removing malware and handling all security incidents for WordPress sites.

WPogo’ll Take Care of Your Website!

Expert Assistance for Hacked WordPress Websites & Security Incidents

    1. Scan

    We conduct thorough scans for vulnerabilities and malware on your website.

    2. Clean

    We eliminate files, database entries, and backdoors to restore your website’s security.

    3. Optimize

    We perform site updates and fortify your website security.

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      • WordPress Malware Redirect
      • Google Blacklist
      • Google SERP Warnings
      • Defacements
      • WordPress Backdoors
      • WordPress Pharma Hacks
      • Japanese SEO Spam
      • Malicious Redirects
      • WordPress Phishing
      • WordPress SQL Injection

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      Our Malware Cleanup Process

      Right away, we’ll remove malware from your WordPress website and enhance security.

        In-depth Site Scan

        WPogo offers in-depth server and site-level scanning to detect malicious infections, vulnerabilities, and spam listings. We secure your xmlrpc.php, htaccess, and wp-config.php files, ensuring they are completely free of harmful scripts.

        Remove Malicious Content

        Our team of seasoned specialists specializes in WordPress malware cleanup. Our experts are dedicated to eradicating all traces of malware across every aspect of your WordPress website, including the core, plugins, themes, databases, and htaccess files.

        Full Site Security

        We ensure comprehensive site security protection by fortifying your defenses with robust industrial measures. Our continuous protection shields your website from security threats and vulnerabilities often associated with outdated WordPress core, themes, and plugins

        Blacklist Removal

        If your website has been flagged by Google, and your visitors are receiving warnings about potential harmful content, discouraging them from proceeding. Our team will take immediate action to eliminate these warnings and restore your website’s reputation.


        We Deliver Top-Notch Solutions for Your Business Growth