WordPress Website Audit Services

WordPress Website Audit can be your key to unlocking optimized performance, improved user experience, and enhanced online visibility. 

WordPress Website Audit

Why a WordPress Website Audit?

A WordPress Website Audit is a thorough examination of your website’s performance, identifying potential issues and areas for improvement. Website audits are crucial as they:

  1. Provide insights into website performance
  2. Improve Core Web Vitals Score
  3. Avert security issues
  4. Prevent traffic bleeding
  5. Identify actionable improvements

    Gaining Insights into Site Performance

    An audit helps identify factors detrimental to your website’s performance, such as slow loading speeds, 404 pages, and lags. With these insights, you can leverage optimization opportunities to amplify your website performance.

    Improving Core Web Vitals Score

    Core Web Vitals reflect user perception of your website’s experience. Achieving the recommended values for Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) is crucial to avoid users suffering from a slow-loading web page.

    Averting Security Issues

    Identifying and addressing any existing vulnerabilities in your website and enforcing a backup process is crucial for a secure browsing experience and to prevent any data breaches.

    Preventing Traffic Bleeding

    Identifying the root cause of sudden traffic drops and effectively fixing the problem is crucial for maintaining a steady stream of organic traffic.

    Identifying Actionable Improvements

    Performance audits provide a clear understanding of the areas needing improvement as your business scales, ensuring your website can effectively grow alongside your business.

      Website Performance Audit service

      Comprehensive Website Performance Audit

      A detailed WordPress website audit includes a meticulous analysis of each webpage, AJAX analysis, and triaged recommendations for pertinent issues.

      Technical Analysis

      The technical analysis includes inspecting server-side parameters such as your MySQL Queries and checking your caching mechanisms.

      Top Page Performance

      The top page performance audit focuses on the speed and responsiveness of your most visited pages, ensuring they are optimized for the best user experience.

      Theme and Plugin Audit

      This part of the audit examines the themes and plugins used on your site, identifying any that may be slowing down your site or causing other issues.

      Server and CDN

      The audit also evaluates the performance of your server and Content Delivery Network (CDN), identifying any potential issues that could be impacting your site speed or user experience.

        The Audit Process

        A WordPress Website Audit commences with a thorough consultation to identify and address any specific website issues you may be experiencing

          Consultation Service

          A consultation service is an integral part of the audit process. During the consultation, your specific website issues are discussed, and a preliminary check on the front-end performance of your website is conducted. The consultation also provides an overview of the website performance audit process.

          In-depth Review

          The review process combines automated and manual assessments. Automated tools analyze your code against industry benchmarks, followed by a manual review by a skilled consultant, focusing on coding practices and framework implementation.



          After rigorous tests, a detailed report of the findings is generated. This report guides you with all the steps and decisions that you need to make to improve your WordPress website performance.


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